• Adam

    General Manager

  • Jason

    Technical Service Lead

  • Karen

    Technical Service Representative

  • Mona

    Technical Service Representative

  • Vicki

    Technical Service Representative

  • > Jason Kleya

    I have twelve years in optical with 10 years in my current position.  I like finding solutions to complex problems for our customers.  I accomplish this by using my years of experience to provide each patient with the best possible option for their difficult Rx.

  • > Vicki Jurek

    I have been with the company for 14 years.  It is satisfying to help customers from across the country and working with the nice people in our lab.

  • > Mona Hofer

    I like to visit with customers on the phone.  My job is different every day and I am always learning something new even after doing this job for 13 years.

  • > Karen Hoppe

    I have been with Epic for ten years already and enjoy working with my co-workers.  Working with customers over the phone is my primary focus at work.

  • > Adam Fahey